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If there’s anything to say about them, it’s modest. I’ve been knowing Tiger for over 7 years, and he’s like the most modest man I’ve ever known. And the way he loves his wife, simple and quiet. Truthfully and, again, modest. He never seems to show how much he loves her, but everyone feels it. […]


These guys and I went to highschool together. They’ve been together for as long as I can remember. It’s funny how everytime I saw them, I still asked them about how far they got. Kissed? Held hands? Spent a night out? Now it’s only a few days away from their big day. It’s like something […]


I made some of my favorite shots with this couple in Da Lat. With the sun and the breeze.┬áDa Lat never gets old to shoot with. The city itself never stops inspiring me.  


I would say they’re two super funky, full of energy and funny kids to shoot. And yet I call them kids, guess what, they’ve been together for more than 10 years. Thanks for choosing us for your wedding. Remember to stay happy & make each other laugh like this until the end of days.   […]


It’s been a long time I haven’t done any updates on the web. I’ve been picking a lot of different projects to work on at the moment. I’ve been really busy trying to balance my work between weddings and some other interesting art projects. But I did manage to get time to do this. As […]