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Thien and Thu met in Switzerland a few years back, they headed back to Vietnam right before the end of 2015 for their wedding. We have mutual friends so I were not very surprised when they asked me to cover their big day, however, still I feel special. I always feel special and excited when it comes to weddings with a mix of cultures, so many things to feel and to capture.
IMG_4624 IMG_3105 IMG_3174 IMG_4706 IMG_4675 IMG_4758 IMG_4772 IMG_4723 IMG_4806 IMG_4842 IMG_3240 IMG_3238 IMG_4860 IMG_3280 IMG_5115 IMG_3264 IMG_3251 IMG_5013 IMG_5040 IMG_5050 IMG_5059 IMG_5099 IMG_5138 IMG_5145 IMG_3470 IMG_3505 IMG_3522 IMG_3528 IMG_3820 IMG_3824 IMG_3834 IMG_3857


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Ha and Tram were asking our team about having their engagement shoot somewhere simple and calm right in the middle of Saigon. The couple was busy with life and work in the city, they couldn’t spend days traveling for the shoot.

Our team was doing some research on locations and ran across Saigon Chic, a newly-opened cafe in Saigon – and the place was just perfect. Arriving at cafe you find yourself lost in this magical garden with some classic architect work around. And with early sunrise light, you tell us the feeling.

IMG_6071 IMG_6111 IMG_6120 IMG_6183 IMG_6205 IMG_6215 IMG_6257 IMG_6280 IMG_6419 IMG_6432 IMG_6747



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Thang and Thuy traveled all the way back from Canada for their wedding in Vietnam, and for that they took the chance to visit Amanoi – our latest partner for engagement photoshoot.

IMG_9027 IMG_9043 IMG_9722 IMG_9821 IMG_0012 IMG_0029 IMG_9933 IMG_0112 IMG_0152 IMG_0144 IMG_0335 IMG_0341 IMG_9098 IMG_9109 IMG_9225 IMG_9384 IMG_9482 IMG_9499







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Wedding Videography

In 2015, our founder created Only In Saigon – an independent documentary-film project, with the hope to bring our future clients the highest quality available, not only in weddings but also other genres of videography.

Only In Saigon is known for its outstanding cinematic documentaries, bringing viewers a deeper understanding about the city of Saigon. You can have a look at the project here.

For weddings, below are some recent work executed by the team behind Only In Saigon, from a spectacular engagement video in Amanoi Resort, Vinh Hy,  Ninh Thuan, to a emotional wedding ceremony in An Lam Riverside, HCMC.


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Andre and Kathy has always wanted the engagement photos to be done in the ancient town of Hoi An, in the middle of Vietnam. The town is always a great source of inspiration for me whenever I get to come here, for holiday or work trip, so I was more than happy to be there for the couple.

I remember it was a misty afternoon, after a rainy morning. The weather apparently was not on our side. But we managed to get around it.

IMG_7582 IMG_7595 IMG_7624 IMG_7648 IMG_7666 IMG_7716 IMG_7722 IMG_7786 IMG_7797 IMG_7807 IMG_7820 IMG_7835 IMG_8073 IMG_8118 IMG_8150 IMG_8156 IMG_8401 IMG_8419 


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Once again I got to spend my summer in France, and shot Hortense & Benoit’s beautiful wedding in the North of France – St. Malo.

IMG_5534_NQIMG_5543_NQIMG_5807_NQIMG_5822_NQIMG_5835_NQIMG_5876_NQIMG_5939_NQIMG_5532_NQ IMG_5571_NQIMG_5634_NQIMG_6164_NQIMG_6143_NQIMG_6178_NQIMG_6174_NQIMG_6035_NQIMG_6052_NQIMG_6082_NQIMG_6214_NQIMG_5937_NQ  IMG_6123_NQ  IMG_6187_NQ IMG_6202_NQ IMG_6316_NQ  IMG_6679_NQ IMG_6751_NQ IMG_6761_NQ IMG_6778_NQ IMG_6385_NQIMG_7549_NQIMG_8171_NQ

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It was hard to stop shooting Andre and Kathie. Not just because they’re a gorgeous couple, but because all these moments of love they share are full of emotions. I just pushed myself to capture it all, as much as I can.

IMG_9837IMG_7291IMG_9785IMG_9807IMG_7314IMG_9817IMG_9838IMG_9932 IMG_9915IMG_7425IMG_9964IMG_9997IMG_7441IMG_9994IMG_7455IMG_0049 IMG_7505IMG_0143 IMG_0157 IMG_7556IMG_7480IMG_0237 IMG_0323 IMG_7712  IMG_0796IMG_8187 IMG_8265 IMG_8285 IMG_8480

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It was Josh & Anna’s idea to spend the weekend in the spectacular resort Amanoi in the central of Vietnam. The weather treated us right with sun and breeze from the ocean. This is definitely among my best engagement shoot.

IMG_9354IMG_9447IMG_9563IMG_0278 IMG_0313IMG_0303  IMG_0324 IMG_0494 IMG_0438IMG_0603 IMG_0620 IMG_0629 IMG_8639IMG_0114IMG_0050IMG_8692 IMG_8712 IMG_8717 IMG_8741 IMG_8784 IMG_9150 IMG_9111IMG_9186 IMG_9195IMG_9189 IMG_9205

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If there’s anything to say about them, it’s modest. I’ve been knowing Tiger for over 7 years, and he’s like the most modest man I’ve ever known.

And the way he loves his wife, simple and quiet. Truthfully and, again, modest. He never seems to show how much he loves her, but everyone feels it.

We spent a few sunny days together in Da Lat making these shots. And I can’t be happier to get my friends such photos.




These guys and I went to highschool together. They’ve been together for as long as I can remember. It’s funny how everytime I saw them, I still asked them about how far they got. Kissed? Held hands? Spent a night out?

Now it’s only a few days away from their big day.

It’s like something a person would wish for their whole life. A love that great.

Hoi An, a sunday day, as peaceful and beautiful as their love.







IMG_0936---NQ IMG_0945---NQ


IMG_0957---NQ IMG_0964---NQ






IMG_1146---NQ IMG_1154---NQ  IMG_1164---NQ






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IMG_1587---NQ IMG_1612---NQ IMG_1620---NQ


IMG_1645---NQ IMG_1697---NQ IMG_1700---NQ IMG_1720---NQ IMG_1726---NQ IMG_1730---NQ



Behind The Scenes Video.

Thành+Thanh [Pre-wedding] from oneweddingvn on Vimeo.